Well done is better than well said

- Benjamin Franklin

Brian is the local manager at the Gourmet Heaven on Whitney Street in New Haven.

Brian is not college educated – he did not go to college because he had to work to support his three sisters. He has worked at local food stores his entire career. Recently, he slept 3 hours per night for 3 years in a row in order to run his store. He would go out and buy ingredients at night, and run the store throughout the day.

His children are very successful – his daughter turned down Harvard to go to Princeton, and his son is at the US Naval Academy.

I asked him what he did to have such successful children. He said, “it’s very simple, you have to do it too.”

“My son was playing too many games. I told him that he must give that up, and I will give up something I like, too. So I quit smoking and he quit playing his games. You cannot tell people what to do – you must do it yourself.”