I am a software engineer spending my time writing a book about my experiences with burnout and recovery. I am interested in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and intelligent tutoring systems.

Prior to that, I worked at Facebook using machine learning to keep users safe from fraudulent and offensive content.

Before joining Facebook, I received my Master of Science in Computer Science with Brian Scassellati in the Social Robotics Lab at Yale University. There, I designed companions that learn your habits and skills to give you effective, personalized advice to help you accomplish your goals.

In 2012, I co-founded Atlus Inc., which was acquired by Purple Forge Corp in 2013.

For my entrepreneurial and academic accomplishments, I have been named one of The Next 36 entrepreneurial leaders of Canada, awarded an NSERC PGS national scholarship, and two NSERC USRA national awards. I received my Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto.